"Makers gonna make"

While we are still developing the first starter-kit to make OPSORO accessible to the masses, we kindly invite everybody to start experimenting with the platform. Very soon, we will launch giving free access to the first beta users of our online platform. Please let us know where you want to use OPSORO and maybe we can give you access to one of our development boards.

Step by step.

OPSORO shield

1. Raspberry Pi and OPSORO Heart

The OPSORO Heart will be the heart of your robot. It is a printed circuit board connected to a Raspberry Pi (micro computer). It might still be hard for now to get your hands on one of our OPSORO Hearts since we are not in production yet. However please send us a mail and tell us what you want to do with OPSORO, what makes it easier for us to see if we can send you a developer’s version.

OPSORO shield

2. 3D-Print or laser the necessary parts

You can find all necessary parts HERE to assemble your own robot. Feel free to tweak them, break them, re-make them,... Some parts like nuts and bolts can be bought at your local DIY store while other parts like M90S servo’s can be best bought online.

OPSORO shield

3. Assemble the modules

Assemble all parts as instructed on the wiki.

OPSORO shield

4. Design your robot

Designing your social robot can be easy, especially when having the mockup-kit with you. The mockup-kit will let you discover in a playful way how you could design and assemble a feasible (realistic to make) robot.

OPSORO shield

5. Connect & play

Download the latest code from our Github and write it onto you Raspberry Pi with the necessary documentation HERE. We are also working on a fully cloud-integrated platform so anyone could work directly from his browser in order to control the OPSORO robot.